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Infant Blankets in Greenville, SC

  Why is Minky Fabric Popular For Infant Blankets?

If you are looking to purchase infant blankets from Greenville, SC, including woodland baby blankets near me, you may find that many baby blankets are now made from minky fabric. Minky fabric is a soft, lightweight fleece fabric that is silky smooth to the touch. Many people wonder why this type of fabric is popular for baby and children's blankets and if it is a good choice for a blanket to be made out of. Here is more information about infant blankets Greenville and minky fabric.


Minky fabric is popular for infant blankets Greenville, including woodland baby blankets near me, for a number of reasons. Minky fabric is an extremely soft fabric. It feels soft and plush to the touch, which is perfect for infants and toddlers. No one wants to wrap a baby in a rough or itchy fabric, so something soft is ideal for their delicate skin. Another reason why minky fabric is so popular is because it is just warm enough. It is a lightweight fabric, so you can still use it in spring and summer. However, it does help to keep a baby or toddler warm, so it is perfect as an extra layer to use in fall and cold winter days. Finally, minky fabric has a luxurious silky feel. Babies and toddlers love the satin velveteen feeling of this smooth fleece. It is very soothing to them to have something soft against their skin when settling down for a nap or cuddling on the couch with mom and dad.


Are you looking to purchase infant blankets Greenville or woodland baby blankets near me? Here at Puddle Kickers we can create personalized baby blankets using popular minky fabric for the blankets. Contact us today to learn about the various options you have when personalizing the blanket and let us create the perfect blanket for your little one.

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