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Personalized Baby Blankets

  Different Options for Personalized Baby Blankets for Baby Shower Gifts Greenville

One of the top baby shower gifts for Greenville is a personalized baby blanket. Personalized baby blankets are customized blankets that are created specifically for the baby. These are popular baby shower gifts in Greenville because they are special and unique. Personalized blankets help daycare centers and babysitters differentiate between whose blanket belongs to who, and they are so much more special than a standard store bought blanket. If you are looking to order personalized baby blankets, you may wonder about all of the different ways that baby blankets can be personalized. Here are a few of the options you have.


  Monogramming the Blanket


One of the options for personalizing a baby blanket is to create a custom monogram design. A personalized monogram baby blanket features a decorative monogram, or the initials of the baby, centered within the baby's name in various font styles. You can even add special details about the birth of the baby such as the birth date, weight, and time of birth. Just contact Puddle Kickers during your order and let them know what you would like on your personalized baby blanket.


  Having the Baby's Name Placed on the Blanket


Another option for personalizing a baby blanket (available on many of our blanket designs) is to have the baby's name placed in the center of the blanket. Placing the baby's name on the blanket is a great way to personalize a blanket. What child would not love a gift that is made especially just for them? A personalized baby name blanket is sure to become an heirloom keepsake that the child will cherish for the rest of their life. 


  Selecting a Theme and Color Scheme


The final way you can personalize a baby blanket is to select a blanket design that matches the nursery theme and color scheme of the baby's room. This allows you to create a customized blanket that fits in with the scheme of the nursery. Puddle Kickers offers many beautiful designs and color themes to choose from. We can also adjust the color palette to suite your needs. If you don't see the one you want, just ask!


One of the top baby shower gifts Greenville is personalized baby blankets, including a personalized monogram baby blanket. Here at Puddle Kickers, we can help you to create the perfect customized baby blanket to give as a gift to a mother to be. Contact us today and let us work with you to create the perfect baby blanket.

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